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White Label Marketing

When it comes to growth we have found that there are many people that want to offer marketing services but don't have an entire team but are true experts in certain aspects of business. When you don't have an entire team you need more team members and often do not want to incur the costs of hiring and entire staff.

With that Business YETI has created a solution where we work behind the scenes for you. No one will ever know we are working on your clients (unless you tell them). You will have a range of graphic designers, videographers, content writers, programmers, search engine optimization (SEO) experts, and social media experts available to help your business grow. For others we become their marketing overflow so that you can continue to grow and once you've grown and can handle a task in-house you take that client into your complete control.

What is "White Labeling"?

White labeling is often called private labeling. This is when you hire another company, us, and we provide all the work and become your quiet business partner. The benefits to this for you are:

What services are available for white labeling?

Currently we offer whitelabeling for the following core services that we have:

Will we ever talk with your customers?

Ultimately no. We say this as you should be the "middle man" for communication with the customer.

We know there are times eliminating the person in the middle is desired. In these cases we will either be ourselves or be an employee of your business. We always prefer to be an employee of your business. For these scenarios we work with you to create an email address that is under your branded domain name and that is how we communicate with your customer.

Will you take my customers if they come to you?

No. These are your customers as part of the business you and if they came to us we would let them know that would not align with our business rule #1 of honesty.

With that said if you came to us and asked us to take a customer and turn them into one of our own clients than we would. This is the only exception. The only other exception is if you go out of business and just vanish we wouldn't let your customers go without service as our goal is to continue to make you look awesome in the eye of your customers.

What are the costs?

Our costs are our regular costs. You add a value above and beyond our costs. This may be a dollar or thousands of dollars. That is up to you in determining the cost.

You can easily justify this increase if someone were to find out that we're involved by stating:

Prices can go down based on your providing an increased quantity. When this happens we will talk with you about providing the same services for less. You are always welcome to talk to us about pricing at any time by emailing our sales team at sales@BusinessYETI.com.

Anyone can create you the "best website". What separates Business YETI is our websites, eCommerce, search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media, graphic design, software developers, and reputation management work collaboratively to convert and help your small businesses grow without breaking the bank.

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