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Paid Ads and PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click or as it's often referred to PPC is a good fit for almost any type of business. You can use it to sell products, services, raise brand awareness or get new leads from Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. You are able to target your audience based on defined criteria and detail that is not possible with organic search.

PPC Options

We've never been shy to talk price and our pay-per-click is truly no exception. We won't charge customer "A" one price and customer "B" another. We believe in every customer winning, growing, and absolutely communicating. Communication is key when it comes to marketing and if you want to communicate and grow your business together there is a good chance we will be a good fit together. We've looked high-and-low for the best pricing and now we are giving you better than the best as that is what our clients deserve. Many times we talk with a company about their PPC and their ad spend. This is where we added an option to analyze and let you know if you are spending correctly. This report you can then use in-house or send to your PPC provider to fix anything that can help improve your click through rate and lower your monthly ad spend.

High level list of core features (not everything)

      Most Popular
Description PPC Analysis PPC Plan Digital Marketing Plan
Setup Fee (one-time only) $130.00 * $0.00 $0.00
Monthly Cost $0.00 $89.95/month $325/month
Payment Schedule All Up Front Monthly (or yearly with 10% off) Monthly (or yearly with 10% off)
Price Locked (for life)    
Pay Per Click (Based on budget / paid at first of month)  
   Monthly Budget: First $2,500   14.00% 0.00%
   Monthly Budget: $2,501-$5,000   13.00% 8.50%
   Monthly Budget: $5,001-$10,000   12.00% 8.25%
   Monthly Budget: $10,001-$25,000   11.00% 8.00%
   Monthly Budget: $25,001+   10.00% 7.75%
Graphic Design   Ad Creation 1 hour + Ad Creation
SEO with YEXT    
Reputation Management    
Website & Email    
Unlimited Website Updates    
Social Media Management    
Software Development    
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  • (*): If you do an analysis and become a client the analysis will automatically be used against the option you chose with us.
  • Not for profits are 1% cheaper than listed % for paid ads

Pay-Per-Click Features

  • Dedicated account specialists assigned to your business
  • Daily campaign performance monitoring
  • Monthly keyword reports emailed to you
  • Reporting across Google, Bing, & Facebook
  • Monthly ROI (Return On Investment) meetings
  • Google Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Paid Ads graphic design
  • Campaign setup
  • Ad optimization for desktop, tablet & mobile (website or mobile app)
  • Re-targeting campaigns (target search engine users on Facebook (or vice-versa))
  • Performance tracking
  • Budget tracking
  • PPC Search Campaign Strategy that aligns with your business objectives
  • Keyword research and selection based on your business needs

Quick Paid Ad Statistics

Results for ad spend, CPC and CTR performance will vary. Below are the current numbers that we are presently seeing with our customers.

Min/Max Monthly Paid Ad Spend Per Client
Paid Ad Clients
Avg. Cost Per Click (CPC) Decrease
Avg. Ad Click Through Rate (CTR) Increase
Google Advertising
Bing Advertising
Facebook Advertising
Instagram Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising
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