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Google Grant for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Many companies give "grants" (e.g., free money) away as a gimmick or loss leader to get you to become a customer. We have our version of this "gimmick," and we won't ever sell you our services. Call it a natural loss leader as we're doing it for our public relations and giving back to organizations that might not otherwise realize it. There are rules and stipulations, and we'll define those first.

What we will do for you is do our best to get you a free Google advertising grant. Years ago, a friend of ours, Eric Zosso of Zoseco Co-working in Valparaiso, Indiana, did this but has since moved on and can no longer do it. We saw the opportunity when he and his team did it and want to continue what he started. Eric has been great in helping show us everything they did, and now we're able to do it for you. We've put our spin on what he offered, but we both have the same vision of helping not-for-profits grow.

Note: If you are a marketing agency and want our information so you too can give this information for free contact us and we will provide you the information we have. All you have to do is agree that this will be provided for free and that you cannot charge for it. Those are the terms we ask.


We will do everything below, what we expect, etc., but we must first be honest and authentic to our "rule #1" of no lying. We cannot guarantee you will get a single penny. We do promise to do our best to get this for you. We cannot control Google or when they may discontinue this for not-for-profits. If Google ever stops offering this grant, then we cannot provide this free service anymore.

Google does limit the grant amounts vary based on items like:

  • The condition of your website.
    • We will perform a free technical search engine audit for you and provide you a copy of the report to fix broken links, spelling errors, and core web vitals to get the best chance at the largest amount of grant money for your organization. This is typically 50+ pages in length.
  • Information provided to Google that they request.

The Rules (aka Requirements)

Even information given away for no cost has to have rules. These are the rules we've created for this free service. Some are rules set by Google while others are set by Business Yeti.

  • Be a not-for-profit (NFP) 501(C)(3) as that is a requirement to receive the grant.
  • We will need to have proof of this.
  • Must not already have this offer from Google.
  • Not a Google requirement, but these are ours. We are trying to help those that are just getting started.
    • Must be brand new to Google Advertising.
    • Be English speaking or have people that speak English being that is the language of our country and the only language our owner speaks that you will be working with.
    • Be in the contiguous United States.
  • You want/need Google Advertising.
  • Provide access to what we need to help you best qualify for the grant.
    • We will provide you a complete checklist if we move forward together.
  • We only allow a certain number each month. If we are "full," we will put you in the queue. We handle two to four not-for-profits each month based on our current availability. We will always be working on two.
  • Communication is critical whether this is a paying venture or one provided for no cost. We want to work through as many of these as we can and hitting communication walls that hinder us from helping you benefit no one.

What We Ask For In Return

Let's discuss how we get "paid." Rather than charging a flat fee, hourly rate, or a loss leader to turn you into a customer, we are doing this 100% free of charge. There is never a charge for helping submit your information to Google and helping you get this free grant.

We ask from you the following:

  • Provide a review of the work we did and how we helped your not-for-profit organization.
  • No mention of "how much" you received (or didn't receive) as this information is ultimately between you and Google.
  • Allow us to mention you in a nationwide press release (PR) of what we did. You will see a copy before anything is submitted. We will submit to one or more press release services.
  • Allow us to mention your organization in a case study of what we did to help you get the positive word out for your organization. Like the press release, you will be able to see it before being released on our website.
  • That's it. This allows us to help you, and by helping your not-for-profit organization, we are equally getting positive exposure through promoting how we help market businesses whether they are clients or not.

Once Setup And Running What Happens

Once we've helped you set everything up, we won't leave you high and dry. We will provide your NFP team with the necessary information to run effective campaigns.

You will receive:

  • Customized steps based on what we've done for you and how to continuously take advantage of your Google Grant.
  • How to search for proper keyword phrases to get your word out.
  • How to look at your local competitors and how you can take advantage of opportunities available to your organization.
  • Access to ask us questions and in-turn we will create customized KB Articles and Blog Articles that benefit everyone on the Internet.

How do I get started?

We're glad you made it this far and ready to get started. Contact us on our contact form here. We will then reach out to you, get all of your not-for-profit details, and let you know whether we can begin immediately, what your timeline is, and where you fall in the queue if we're full.

Each not-for-profit is prioritized based on when the request for assistance is received. Any current not-for-profit clients won't interfere with your getting this service for no charge as they are on a schedule of their own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We know that we haven't answered every question above. As we talk with organizations about helping them, we will continue to grow our FAQ section to further assist you in making an informed decision.

First, Google isn't going to give you a grant. Google does this to help NFP and for their tax deductions. If your business or organization wants help with Google Advertising, look into our Foundation, Professional, or custom business plans.

We would love to say no, but in all honesty, if you are a client, you will take priority. We take this into account, though. We only take on enough free Google Grant clients that we can handle. We want to give you the same experience a paying customer would receive and keep our schedules optimized for excellent customer service.

As an authorized Google Advertisement agency, we can help you. You will need to look at our Foundation, Professional, or custom plans. We cannot give you the service for free but will be glad to include your organization as part of our many organizations.

As crazy as it sounds, our owner John is excentric in wanting to help people. He lives outside the box when it comes to being a giver to those around him. We agree this can be hard to swallow when so many have ulterior motives. Your organization will work directly with him, and he will help inform and educate you. John lives off the old-school concept of helping and giving back. There is no hidden agenda beyond what we have put above what we receive.

Absolutely. Current clients are eligible for this whether you have done Google Advertising in the past or not. Our existing customers have no restrictions beyond being on the Foundation, Professional, or custom marketing plans. Being the Starter plan doesn't offer any paid advertising, we cannot provide it to anyone on that marketing plan.

Our entire process is based on being entirely free and not a loss-leader. It would hurt our reputation as a marketing company to get other local businesses to believe and trust us. We cannot talk about other companies but will say we sleep well at night knowing we didn't do any bait and switch tactics.

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