If you are not investing in your business how do you expect it to grow?

Company Branding & Marketing

We are a boutique agency that focuses not only on creating a quality product but helping you build your company brand and marketing your business.


Branding is the process of making your brand rememberable when a person is ready to purchase. Often people are not prepared to buy the exact moment you start a marketing campaign. You first need to build trust and make people aware of your products, services, logos, and slogans to increase recognition of your business. By creating a recognizable brand, you increase loyalty and referrals by others.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is when you promote products or services using electronic-based technology to improve sales. The Internet, mobile phones, display technology, applications, and voice assistants are great examples of digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing involves the promotion of your products or services using print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone.


We help grow your business by creating a professional, engaging, and consistent brand that accurately represents you and your dream. Often branding is forgotten or completely ignored. With the proper branding, you are establishing yourself as a pillar in your community and beyond.

Our team will listen and ask questions to understand your vision. Real understanding is paramount to the success of any finished product. We take great pride to make sure we don't just hear you, but we genuinely listen. With this information, we will dig into creating a solution that resonates with your company culture and establishing you as a leader. We will utilize your branding to help tell your unique story to the world.

Our branding services cover the level of branding you need today and the ability to grow with you. Just as you grow with your products and services, our solutions can grow and work for you.

  • Brand architecture
  • Brand communications
  • Brand management
  • Brand positioning and planning
  • Logo development
  • Menu design and development
  • Merchandising
  • Mood board and story development
  • Naming and ideation
  • Photography
  • Print design
  • Research and strategy
  • Videography

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is more than a single channel to achieve an objective. You need to think of digital marketing as a range of solutions that should work collaboratively together. You need a website that showcases your business in the most favorable light. You need to be on the social channels where your customers are. You need to make sure your information on search engines is consistent and accurate.

Some of the unique aspects of digital marketing are:

  • Large audiences
  • Two-way conversation
  • Targeted at specific user types
  • Transparency is key
  • About you
  • Brand and User-generated Content
  • Authentic content
  • Ability to track engagement and more
  • Real-time creation
  • Bottom-up strategy
  • Company culture and voice is heard
  • Active involvement

Traditional Marketing

Business owners rely on traditional marketing as it has helped businesses grow and has a solid foundation in staying in contact with your audience. Traditional marketing executed well will produce results that hit the bottom line positively and build your overall brand position.

Print Communication

Often the first item a business owner will think of when it comes to traditional marketing and getting their message out. These are newspapers, magazines, and billboards.

Broadcast Communication

A video like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo video, or even podcasts from the digital world. We are talking about broadcast video and audio that would go over the airwaves, cable television, movie theatres, and radio.

Direct Mail Marketing

Seen as the starter to our electronic version of spam. Direct Mail marketing is something all of us receive every week. Whether we read it thoroughly or toss it out. We have to look at it to see if it's important to us. This method works well in helping build brand recognition through targeted campaigns.

Telephone Marketing

With telephone marketing, you can gain insights into a targeted market by doing surveys and build brand awareness. With telephone marketing, you want to make sure you have obtained permission to contact these individuals. You also want to adhere to all national and local laws related to telephone marketing os that you don't hurt your brand.