Business YETI When it comes to marketing your business you need to be memorable, unique, and professional while also being bold, standing out, and constantly being agile to changing market conditions. en-us Business Owners and PB&J As I sit at a Starbucks a distance from home, a person named Phil is sitting next to me eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. He starts up a conversation while he is eating, stating he is traveling through the area and owns a paving business in Lombard, Illinois. He's on the road actively looking for bad consumer driveways to make money. Crafting the Perfect Blog Article When it comes to getting found, telling your story, and all-around adding to the bottom line, you need to write consistently for your audience. It would be best if you answer the question and not just write to write. Write multiple articles for your website with new ones posted consistently. You write dozens, even hundreds of blog articles to get your information out there. Press Release Information Press releases can produce major benefits to a business for marketing even when they do not reach major media outlets. You will find both free and paid press release outlets that can help promote your press release. Utilizing both is a key that we always use to gain the largest buzz for our clients. With paid advertising you can feel more confident your PR will reach more people and appear in leading publications. Getting your good word out to news organizations is never an easy business and getting a journalist to write about you is never easy. Without a press release they certainly will not know and with one you stand a better chance of being heard. Web Header Status Codes Every page you look at on the internet that works comes with a code of 200 (Success). But what are all the codes when you don't get a successful message. The list below is all of the currently known codes used on the internet today. Ten Techniques to Grow on Social Media It's time to learn from the past, move forward, and start increasing your engagement and adding to your bottom line with these ten steps (you can always watch the video!) Educating America Series - The Brief Many don't talk politics, not because they don't have something to say or have an opinion. Many don't speak as it's a taboo subject. Some don't fully understand the entire process. I know for myself it is a little bit of each. I want to be an informed American, and I believe others do as well. Copywriting Equals Money Copywriting is all about closing the sale. You use words to convince someone to purchase your product. Imagine you have an article that sells one in a hundred people that makes you a hundred dollars. You modify just the title or a few words to convince someone to buy and move that to two in a hundred. What you've done is doubled your revenue to two hundred dollars. The power of the written word has the potential to add value, educate, inform, and drive revenue to your bottom line. Changing Marketing & Software Development Forever I am a software developer and a marketer. These are two totally different sides of a mind to use. Thankfully I have multiple voices in my head that allow me to accomplish both successfully and break out of the norm. Being a software developer means I am a nerd, analytical, agile thinking, and an introvert. Being a marketer it means I need to think differently, look at everything, and agile thinking. Everything says 'think out of the box.' I say 'what box?' 1st Blog Article Ever For four years now John has been trying to get me to write a blog article about what I do. I specialize in graphic design and eCommerce websites. Maybe in the future I will write something about color theory or minimalism especially when talking about logo design. Eight Mind Hacks for More Money There are eight proven mind hacks to get your customers to purchase more, spend more, and add more profits to your bottom line. These are some of the tactics we use for all of our clients with their eCommerce and in-store sales.