Business YETI When it comes to marketing your business you need to be memorable, unique, and professional while also being bold, standing out, and constantly being agile to changing market conditions. en-us Educating America Series - The Brief Many don't talk politics, not because they don't have something to say or have an opinion. Many don't speak as it's a taboo subject. Some don't fully understand the entire process. I know for myself it is a little bit of each. I want to be an informed American, and I believe others do as well. Copywriting Equals Money Copywriting is all about closing the sale. You use words to convince someone to purchase your product. Imagine you have an article that sells one in a hundred people that makes you a hundred dollars. You modify just the title or a few words to convince someone to buy and move that to two in a hundred. What you've done is doubled your revenue to two hundred dollars. The power of the written word has the potential to add value, educate, inform, and drive revenue to your bottom line. Changing Marketing & Software Development Forever I am a software developer and a marketer. These are two totally different sides of a mind to use. Thankfully I have multiple voices in my head that allow me to accomplish both successfully and break out of the norm. Being a software developer means I am a nerd, analytical, agile thinking, and an introvert. Being a marketer it means I need to think differently, look at everything, and agile thinking. Everything says 'think out of the box.' I say 'what box?' 1st Blog Article Ever For four years now John has been trying to get me to write a blog article about what I do. I specialize in graphic design and eCommerce websites. Maybe in the future I will write something about color theory or minimalism especially when talking about logo design. Eight Mind Hacks for More Money There are eight proven mind hacks to get your customers to purchase more, spend more, and add more profits to your bottom line. These are some of the tactics we use for all of our clients with their eCommerce and in-store sales. The Benefits of Inbox Zero Truly the holy grail when it comes to email is getting your email to no items in it and everything completed quickly, accurately, and on-time. But why would having no email in your inbox be such a benefit to you and how can achieve this? Today I will be covering the struggle I had in achieving inbox zero and then how it has increased my productivity, my health (I think so), completed items on-time, and increased overall communication in the company. Local Search Engine Success Did you know there is a way to reach your local audience without paid advertising and increase your search results? To do it right you need to do the following ten items to achieve success. Tripling Down on Real Estate Over the past three months we’ve enhanced our system for realtors and real estate agents. I am going to cover the top features we’ve added and outline the top features we’re working on for the next release. More Original Content When it comes to having your digital voice heard you need a draw to further reach your audience. Curating great content is one way to show how you are searching and finding content to share with your audience. Then you have truly authentic content that you create to not only showcase who you are but let your voice and brand be heard. We’re going to talk about the later of original content and three types of content you can create to increase your engagement, educate, and showcase your expertise to your audience. Introducing the Moose Tracks Sellers Club It's amazing how many people with great talent are not being noticed. This is why we've created the Moose Tracks Sellers Club. We want to help starving artists, bands, and those with some truly great ideas make money for their talents.