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The testimonial module provides a mechanism for displaying one or more testimonials on your website. These testimonials are able to be displayed as a list on a testimonials page, randomly or specifically within the website.


  • You will need to have access to the Testimonials module


  • There is no requirement for any fields to be checked other than Active and Approved. As long as these are checked the testimonial will be available for use on the site.

Sample Screenshot

Testimonials Module

Add/Editing Testimonials

  1. Click on Testimonials
  2. Click on Add New to add a new testimonial or click on the Edit icon (pencil) to edit an existing testimonial.
  3. Short Testimonial - Fill in the Short Testimonial (this is just a brief summary of the testimonial - up to 250 characters)
  4. Full Testimonial - Fill in the Full Testimonial (this is for the entire testimonial)
  5. Testimonial Date - Enter the Testimonial Date (this can be any date in the past, current, or future)
  6. Type - For the type leave as Local Business.
    1. Note: As Google ads more types this may change but right now this is the recommended option.
  7. Source - Fill this in if the source is outside of your website (e.g. Yelp, Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.)
  8. Source Url - If this is from another site add the direct link to the testimonial
  9. Testimonial From - this is who the testimonial is from
  10. Email Address - This is the email address to the person related to the testimonial
  11. Rating - This is the start rating (1 [lowest] to 5 [highest]) for the testimonial
  12. Display Order - All testimonials default to a level of 100.
    1. If all testimonials are 100 then all will show in that order. If you want certain testimonials to show before others give those testimonials a lower number (e.g. less than 100).
  13. Image - This is any photo/information you want to include with the testimonial
  14. Active - This is the first step in a testimonial being available to be shown
  15. Approved - This is the testimonial approved date. The system keeps track of who approved the testimonial.
    1. Note: Only active and approved testimonials are available to be shown
  16. Save Testimonial button - This saves the testimonial