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In this KB article I’ll  be covering the Importer module. This allows you to  easily transfer account information from one system to another through  the importing of excel documents. This allows you to populate your modules  quickly and efficiently at the click of a button. I’ll cover everything about this module in further detail  as outlined below:

  • Import to Module

  • File to Import

  • Optional Settings

    • Send Emails on Insert

    • Send Emails on Complete

Import to Module

The  import to module section  is where you select which  module you’ll import records to.  You have the following options of modules to  choose from:

  • Accounts

  • Product Lookups (Categories & Vendors)

  • Product Features(Attributes & Specifications)

  • Products

  • Tasks

File to Import

In this section you will have to select an excel document. You can’t however attach just any excel document. For every Import Module type listed in the previous section there’s a specific column arrangement that allows for successful import. The specifications for proper column arrangement are stored in  a document at this link.

Optional Settings

The  optional settings  pertain to when the  CMS system should send an email. Now  certain modules don’t actually send emails out even if one of these  boxes is checked. Let’s take accounts for example. You have an excel spreadsheet  filled with 100 accounts; all ready to be imported. If you selected , “Send Emails on Insert,” then someone is receiving 100 emails. This is not so great. No one needs to know about every  account that was added to the system. On the contrary let’s say we were importing 100 tasks and we selected the same option. In this case it would make sense for people to be informed  by email about these tasks. That way they can get started on performing their duties.

  • Send Emails on Insert - Sends an email on every record that  is on your excel spreadsheet.

  • Send Emails on Complete - Sends an email when all  records are added to the module.


After all the settings are set then you can  click the button below shown below. If you receive an error like this, “The task import failed with an unknown status,” then that most likely  means that there’s an error in the arrangement or spelling of the columns. If that’s not the case feel free to message us and we’ll fix it!

Search and Sort

When you  click on the Importer  module you should see something like this:



The use of these  types of searches are covered extensively in the Page Content KB article here.