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KB Articles

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KB articles are  used to document how to do something. These are like blogs  but about something that is specific to helping with business processes. You may have a KB article about how to  fill out a complex form or something like that. The contents of this KB article are as outlined below:

  • Required Info

    •  Description

  • Description

  • META INformation

  • Advanced Information

  • Search and Sort

Required Info


All that’s  required for a KB article is a description. This could be thought of as a  placeholder for the KB Article that will be written. Though the users on your  website may not understand that so it’s good to fill out some of the other fields discussed in the following sections.


There are many fields in the description tab so let’s  get started:

  • Category - Category  defines what type of  KB Article that your writing. This  will affect what group it will be displayed with. For example  blah KB Article is the Category of JM2 CMS and is displayed as shown in the  first figure. Whereas when the category is changed to Google it’s displayed as shown in the  second figure.




  • Publish Status - This is a  drop down box that gives you two options.

    • Draft - This  won’t be able to  be viewed publicly but you will be able to  view it via a link that shows at the top of this form when you save the KB article.

    • Published - This  will be able to be viewed publicly.

  • Page Name -  The page name is not something that you can  define. It refers to the URL that defines that  KB Article. For example the Page Content’s auto generated Page name was “KB00066”. The next article written then has “KB00067” for its Page Name.

  • Page Views -  This simply is the  number of times that the  page has been viewed.

  • Summary - The Summary describes in short what your KB Article is about.

  • Description - The Description is the content of your KB article. There are many  tools on the description field. If you’d like to learn how to used them all go to the “Page Content” KB article.


Miscellaneous Information

  • Start Date -  This refers to  when you first started  creating the KB Article.

  • End Date -  This can be  set to some date in the near  future if you want your article to be available for a limited time.

  • Updated Date - This is the  date since the last edit to the KB Article.

  • Display Order - This refers to the order in which the  KB Article will be displayed amongst the other KB Articles. By default  all KB Articles are 100 and ordered alphabetically.

  • Template Name - If there’s a specific  template that you’re using you’d specify it here.

  • Language - Here you can  choose your language.

  • Alternate URL - The  alternate URL can be  used to point to an external website instead of something on your site. Say you want to make a KB article on how to bake a cake.  Well maybe there’s a good recipe available online so you just take the URL for that and place it in this field.

META Information and Advanced Information

The  META Information and Advanced Information  tabs are covered in the “Page Content” KB article if you’d like to have  more detailed information.


Search and Sort

When you  click on the KB Articles module or go back to the KB Articles list from creating a  new KB article you should see something like this:

The use of these types of searches are covered extensively in the Search and Sort KB article here.