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Module: galleryies & Slides

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In this  KB article you’ll learn about the the galleryies  module of the JM2 CMS. This module allows the user to easily  create, manage, and customize their galleryies in some interesting ways. I’ll cover everything about the galleryies module in further detail  as outlined below:

  • Adding a new gallery

    • gallery Image Information

    • Extra Information

  • Search and Sort

Adding A New gallery

To begin  you must click on this button . Once the  page is loaded it should look something like this:

Let’s start  by saying a few things about the gallery module. By default  the images should show up in the gallery page of your website. So when you add  a gallery item you’re adding it to that default page. There are a few fields that are  worth going over. Let’s do that now…

  • gallery Image Information

    • Category - The  category only describes the set of  images in the gallery.

    • Add New Category - You can  make a new category by typing in this field. As long as you type something in the  New Category field the category will be created.

    • Description -  This is simply a  description of your  gallery.

    • Group Name - This  describes how you can categorize your image. This is useful when your are  trying to find lots of similar images. Let’s pretend you have a lot of cat photos the description may be the  name of the cat but the group name would be “cats”. This makes it much easier to see lots of cat photos in this  case. Otherwise you would have to type the name of the cat that you want to see every time.

    • Description -  This describes what the gallery is for.

    • Alternate view - Alternate view  changes the position of the text. The text  comes in to play in the extra information tab which I’ll cover in a little  bit.

    • Active - This determines if the gallery is  going to be visible on the website.

    • Image - This is where you select your image for the gallery.

  • Extra Information - In this tab you have  5 description boxes. The way that this looks on each  gallery depends upon the way the gallery is defined by when you tell our team what to do with that information.    

Search and Sort

When you  click on the galleryies  module or go back to the  galleryies  list from creating a  new account you should see something like this:

The use of these types of searches are covered extensively in the Search and Sort KB article here.