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News and Events

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In this  KB article you’ll learn how to  create News and Events for your website. I’ll cover everything about the News and Events module in further detail  as outlined below:

  • Adding a new News / Event

    • Required information  

    • Location Information

    • Event Detail Description  

    • Documents

    • Image Information  

  • Search and Sort

Adding A New News / Event

For most all of these fields  the purpose is clear. I’ll list all of them and expand upon those that  may be confusing for users.

General Information

  • Event Type -  There are three types of  events: Public, Private, and  Race.

  • Start/End date - This tells the potential attendees or  readers when the event will be occurring or when the news  being written about occured.

  • Description -  This is just meant to  have a brief description of the  News or Event.

Location information

  • Location Name  

  • Location URL

  • Address 1 and 2

  • Postal Code

  • City

  • State

  • Phone number

Event Detail Description

  • Description (Caption) -  This is like the heading of the news.

  • News Source - If there’s a  URL or perhaps a article in the  paper this is where you’d list it as a source.

  • Description - If it  is news the bulk of it will be written  here as would the in depth event description.


This section is similar to the Downloads module. Check that out here for more information.

Search and Sort

When you  click on the News and Events  module or go back to the  News and Events list from creating some new News or Events  you should see something like this:

The use of these types of searches are covered extensively in the Search and Sort KB article here.