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The Downloads module allows you to add additional functionality for downloads. Downloads can have start/end dates, track how often opened, and be assigned to specific accounts/groups/users within the system that are logged in.


  • You will need to have access to the Downloads module


  • The short description and a file is all that is required.

Sample Screenshot


Adding/Editing Downloads

  • Click on Downloads
  • Click on Add New or the pencil icon to edit an existing item
  • Account - If a file is meant for a specific account, user, or group of users fill in this information
  • Category - The category allows you to display the files within specific groups
  • Description Short - This will be the name of the file you want others to know what the file is
  • Download Date - This is the date you want the people visiting your website to see as the file date
  • Start Date - This is the starting date the file is available to download
  • End Date - This is the last date the file is available to be downloaded
  • Active - Whether the file is available to be downloaded or not. Even if the date is between the start and end if this is not active the file will not be available to be downloaded
  • External Url - Sometimes you may need to have a file available that is not within your site but on another site. This allows you to link to a document on another site
  • Attach Document - This is where you will upload one, or more, documents
  • Description Long - This is a long description explaining what the document is about
  • Document Url (Shareable) - When editing a single document this is a link you can share with others (e.g. in email, as a link on your website, etc.)
  • Document Url - This is a created link to open the document that you can copy/paste into any webpage.
  • Download Views - Thi is how many times your document was downloaded.
  • Click Save Download Information to save your changes.