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The Secret of Success Through Text Marketing: Part 2
 Feb 08
 Read Time: 3 Minutes, 26 Seconds
We previously talked about how text marketing is an effective tool when it comes to marketing your business and how business owners have a form of promotion that comes with a high open and utilization rate. It's this unexpected versatility and reach that turns text marketing into an effective machine. Now that we know just how useful it is, the two questions that remain are who can use it and how can they use it?
The Secret of Success Through Text Marketing: Part 1
 Jan 31
 Read Time: 3 Minutes, 13 Seconds
Text messaging is more than sending messages to friends and family. It has quietly become an incredibly effective marketing tool for businesses to send promotions, information, and sales pitches to their clients. While it's easy to assume that text messages wouldn't be an effective way to reach clients and customers due to the unfortunate tendency for people to become annoyed with an overabundance of texts, research and experience have produced surprisingly contrary results and shown to be an incredibly effective form of reaching out and making sales.
Why text marketing works better than email marketing
 Dec 30
 Read Time: 3 Minutes, 49 Seconds
We send out monthly emails like most businesses that have a marketing strategy to stay in constant contact with their customers. Email is extremely effective in getting your information in a person’s inbox. Text marketing will take your email marketing to a new level that is read more often, more quickly, and is great for time sensitive information.
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