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Can your online brand be trusted?
 Jan 05
 Read Time: 4 Minutes, 3 Seconds
What an interesting question our title is for our article today. Our business reputation is on the line and we want, and need, to convey trust to our current and potential customer's. All our businesses try to show trust with our physical locations by showing our customers we care and are concerned for them. Online it is not any different. We show trust in our actions. These actions are not just the words we write to show who we are as a company but in how we act online. In today's world, we need to show trust with 'The Green Lock'.
Think Security
 Dec 19
 Read Time: 2 Minutes, 4 Seconds
The internet has been insecure for far too long. Google with the largest browser share is doing something about it. The question is how many people will listen. Based on the size of Google I would say that the Google Chrome Security team will achieve this much-needed additional security.
Political Website Maintenance
 Nov 07
 Read Time: 1 Minute
With elections quickly coming to an end for a short period there are a few things you need to think about whether you win or lose your political office. There are certain things you need to do to be a responsible politician no matter your election outcome. Although we are talking about your website your social media needs to be thought of as well.
Differences between SSL, TLS, and HTTPS
 Sep 29
 Read Time: 2 Minutes, 6 Seconds
We are routinely (multiple times per week) creating Digicert SSL certificates for our clients in Northwest Indiana and outside of Indiana. We are often asked what is the difference between SSL, TLS, and HTTPS. In this article we are going to do a very high-level explanation so that everyone can easily understand what this very important security is.
Let's Talk Maintenance Plans
 Sep 07
 Read Time: 9 Minutes, 51 Seconds
Coming off of Labor Day weekend we thought we would talk and discuss maintenance plans. Maintenance plans are specific tools for getting the job done in a timely and efficient manner. A form of labor that JM2 Webdesigners from Valparaiso Indiana does to help your business grow. Your employees are dedicated to helping your business grow in the real-world. We become employees for you in the virtual world and help them come to the real-world to learn about your products and services for a lot less than you think. In this article we go over everything in our 'Web and Social Media Package'. If you only want search engine optimization (SEO) take the social media away and that's that package. These are designed to be simple and complete to meet every need your business has when doing digital marketing.
LinkedIn and Passwords in General
 May 18
 Read Time: 4 Minutes, 57 Seconds
Everyone with a computer lives with passwords one way or another each and every day to protect our businesses and our personal lives. On June 6, 2012 LinkedIn was hacked. Yes, that was nearly four years ago. On that date it was announced that 6.5 million accounts were reported as compromised and stolen by a group of unknown hackers. Now in May of 2016 that list has been officially 'leaked' and we are finding out that the initial believed list of 6.5 million was off (just slightly though – insert sarcasm here). The list contained 117 million account passwords from what was initially thought of. That is 110.5 million additional accounts that were stolen than previously expected.
When Security is NOT Important
 May 05
 Read Time: 4 Minutes, 45 Seconds
In this article we will cover a story about a potentially new client coming to us about their website not performing to their expectations. As you will find in the article during the conversation we found some pretty scary items that we hope will help educate those to be more aware of their surroundings and get everyone to do a little more due diligence in keeping up with their content.
Internet Predictions for 2016
 Dec 25
 Read Time: 4 Minutes, 37 Seconds
In 2016 we see a continued growth from what started out in 2015 with a true emphasis on the customer experience. Whether this is the interface of your website or the personalization to provide content rich information for consumers. We do see some shifts in the way the Internet works with the improvements in computer algorithms (had to say we are programmers after all). These are due to the major players (Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook) taking on more personas to make the Internet a more personable experience for users.
2015 Prediction Results
 Dec 09
 Read Time: 5 Minutes, 31 Seconds
In our 2015 Website and Social Media Predictions we made several predictions that would happen in 2015. As the year comes to a close we are going to dig into what we predicted and what actually happened in relation to those predictions. Every one that is an industry expert whether nationally or in their local area will make such predictions.
Mobile Website Needs
 Nov 07
 Read Time: 7 Minutes, 12 Seconds
Every time the latest search engine report comes out about how people are utilizing search on mobile devices you why are many websites not mobile friendly. The other question is why treat mobile as a second class citizen when more people are using search on mobile devices than desktop devices. We build every site in a mobile first thought process using responsive web design (RWD).
Building Trust with SSL
 Nov 05
 Read Time: 4 Minutes, 3 Seconds
As the holiday season quickly approaches and if past trends continue shopping online this year will be greater than any of the previous years. When you are shopping you would never hand the cashier your card, tell them your pin, address, and other confidential information that they would need to steal your identity. If you purchase online without an SSL certificate you may be handing over a lot more than you realize.
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