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LinkedIn and Passwords in General
 May 18
 Read Time: 4 Minutes, 57 Seconds
Everyone with a computer lives with passwords one way or another each and every day to protect our businesses and our personal lives. On June 6, 2012 LinkedIn was hacked. Yes, that was nearly four years ago. On that date it was announced that 6.5 million accounts were reported as compromised and stolen by a group of unknown hackers. Now in May of 2016 that list has been officially 'leaked' and we are finding out that the initial believed list of 6.5 million was off (just slightly though – insert sarcasm here). The list contained 117 million account passwords from what was initially thought of. That is 110.5 million additional accounts that were stolen than previously expected.
LinkedIn: Getting the word out
 Sep 13
 Read Time: 7 Minutes, 43 Seconds

When you have a new product or service a common issue is getting the word out about your new great solution to solve a specific problem. Using the posting (blogging) capability of LinkedIn you can make a huge impact in getting your information 'out there'. You will be talking to your peers about something that you are passionate about.

Setting up a LinkedIn Company Page
 May 29
 Read Time: 10 Minutes, 39 Seconds

We have been doing a lot of talking about creating great personal LinkedIn profile pages. This is all well and good but what if you have a business you want to have on LinkedIn as well? If you want a LinkedIn company page then this article is written for you. A company page helps others learn more about your business, brand, products and services, and job opportunities.

Achieving All-Star Status
 May 21
 Read Time: 5 Minutes, 31 Seconds

There are five levels of strength of a LinkedIn profile. These are (1) Beginner, (2) Intermediate, (3) Advanced, (4) Expert and the one we're working to achieve is the (5) 'All-Star' profile strength. To achieving the All-Star level is what everyone strives to achieve and many will hit the expert level and miss the All-Star because they don't know what it takes to achieve this level. Below we will cover what it takes to become an All-Star so that you can become one yourself.

The first item to cover as an All-star is that the circle doesn't fill 100%. We feel that this isn't 100% full as, like a website, your profile should never be considered complete. You should be constantly improving yourself to be better.

To achieve the All-Star status you need to achieve the following items which we will also cover in complete detail below. We don't cover the other four as if you're at those levels we believe that your ultimate goal is to reach All-Star. By knowing what is required to be an All-Star you can set your goal to achieve that. As you progress through LinkedIn you will reach the other four stages. Some you may even skip as you fill out the information that we outline below.

Why LinkedIn?
 May 16
 Read Time: 8 Minutes, 32 Seconds

With all the push and media pointing at Facebook with around 900 million active monthly users why would anyone consider being on any other network? The quick answer is when it comes to a professional business network LinkedIn is king even with its 255 million active monthly users. You won't find any games on LinkedIn but individuals that are focused on growing their business network. Whether this information is for personal growth, searching for a job, looking to hire or get answers from peers to a current business problem. LinkedIn is the place to get answers related to your personal persona.

Perfect LinkedIn Headlines
 May 12
 Read Time: 5 Minutes, 22 Seconds

When you start creating your professional LinkedIn profile a key area that is seen by everyone is your professional headline. Some will put owner, sales representative, or technical support as their professional headline. These do define your job but do not tell anyone who you are. Many contend, and we strongly agree, that the professional headline property within LinkedIn is the most important part of your professional LinkedIn profile. Your headline will determine whether someone will take the effort to continue to learn more about you.

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