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How to Set Up Facebook's Business Manager

 7/20/2018 |  Views:1,219 |  Posted by: Kyle Hovanec |  Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 37 Seconds |  Article Tags: 
How to Set Up Facebook's Business Manager

If you are a business owner on Facebook, you'll eventually want to create ads for your business's page. To do this you need to create a Business Manager account, a function created by Facebook that allows you and if you choose to, other team or marketing members to create ads, check in on their progress and share strategies. 

While this may sound challenging to set up, by following these simple steps, you'll be on your way to creating your own ads in no time. 

Setting Up the Business Manager

1. The first thing you need to do if you don't have one already is set up your own personal Facebook account. This is because your own personal profile has to be linked to your business's account.

2. If you did not create your own business page, this is the second thing you need to do. Once both accounts are created, you can now begin setting up your business manager. 

3. Next, visit Facebook's Business Manager website (https://business.facebook.com/overview/) and click on the blue "Create Account" button. This will ask you to enter your username and password associated with your Facebook account. 

4. Enter your business name and email. Once you are done with this process, click "Finish".

5. This next step will add your Business Page to your Business Account. Navigate to the Business Manager's home page and click "Add Page". 

6. Click the new "Add Page" button. Once you click this, you will be presented with the option to choose your business's page. Select it and then click "Add Page". 

7. This next step will let you create your own ad account. Doing this will give you the ability to create ads and promotional campaigns. Start this by clicking on the "Add Ad Account" button. 

8. You are now presented with three options: "Add Ad Account", "Add someone else's ad account" and Create a new ad account." If this is your first time, click on the third option.

9. When creating a new account, be sure to use your business name when naming your new account. You will also have several other options to enter such as currency, time zones, and payment methods. 

10. When you are finished, click "Create Ad Account". You are now ready to start creating ads on Facebook!

Congratulations, you are now ready to begin creating ads for your business on Facebook. However, while this is enough to get started, there are still other options that need to be completed later on such as the creation of your Pixel, creating audiences for your ads to target and allowing other team members or your marketing company to have access to your Ad Account.  Be on the lookout for separate blog posts detailing these steps. 

In the meantime, if you have any more questions regarding Facebook and setting up accounts on Facebook, please feel free to email me at kyle@jm2marketing.com. I'd love to hear from you. 

For more information on Facebook Business Manager, please visit Facebook's website.
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