Content is Crucial to SEO Success

 9/23/2016 |   Views: 1,923 |   Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 35 Seconds

When it comes to getting your website indexed on the search engines you need high-quality content that tells a story to your users. This story needs to be clear, concise, and most importantly covers what your users are looking for.

High-Quality Content

Writing high-quality content is more than just mere bullet points within your website. You need your content to answer questions for your visitors.

Single Voice

As you write content often we see where the are multiple people writing different elements of a website. This makes a lot of sense as content helps on your SEO. Having content that is conveyed with a single message with a single voice will further help show uniformity and consistency. When you involve a content writer as the last step in your content process the search engines will almost always reward you for having an easier to read site.

Update Often

Now we do not want you to update often if it's not quality. When we say to update often it could be in your blog or news where you provide valuable information to help the search engines. As you update you want to remember everything you have already written and maintain that consistent voice throughout the new and updated information.

You Are The Expert

The more you write the more you will be considered an expert in your field for your geographic location. As you gain expertise in your local area you will continue to expand out. No one becomes an expert overnight and no one has ever become an expert by just sharing others knowledge. Sharing is considered caring but definitely will not make you an expert in a field.


When it comes to content creation you need to allocate enough time to create that content. For a short blog article like this we recommend a minimum of an hour. That may seem like a lot of time but between the writing of content, etc. the time is well spent and helps you achieve success in your goal to be better found on the search engines.


Pictures are a crucial part to your content writing. They tell the visual story of your written text. Often you will find that video is part of that visual aspect as well. Make certain you have pictures that help your story you are trying to convey.


When it comes to getting found on the search engines and conveying the story you want to your users you need great content. This content will take time to write as well as the proper images and video that align with that story to get your point across. Take your time when writing and you will move up on the search engines and get to the position you want to be in.

If you are too busy, and we hope you are, running your business the team of on-staff experts at Business YETI are here to assist your business grow. You can reach JM2 from Valparaiso Indiana at 855-456-2669,, or through our contact form here.

Content is Crucial to SEO Success

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