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The team at JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing is solely focused on not only helping our clients but educating those on the Internet about the latest digital marketing methods on the Internet. Our team specializes in search engine optimization or SEO, customer service, business management, ways to optimize your digital marketing on social media and your website, and more.

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Top 5 SEO Lies
 Feb 04
 Reading Time: 1 Minute
As a company that everything is based on 'no lying' it's always good to cover some of the biggest lies that we know people have been told. Today we're going to cover search engine optimization and the most common lies that we routinely here. Slick talkers will say whatever they can for a sale. Business owners want to get as high on the search engines and when they hear a deal, even one too good to be true, many will jump on board.
A different approach to hiring
 Feb 03
 Reading Time: 5 Minutes, 27 Seconds
We've been asked many times over the past month how we do what we do. Our prices are unreal, our tactics are not normal yet produce continuous results, and our work/life balance is only like the most successful and profitable businesses. I thought it would be good to start telling people how we do what we do being we are always asked the question every month. I feel that it will also help other businesses. We will start with the most basic of processes which are hiring of the right people to do the job.
19 Ways new users mess up on social media
 Feb 02
 Reading Time: 7 Minutes, 10 Seconds
Today's team challenge is to talk about the pain points and top challenges many make in social media when they are beginning. We started this as only a top 10 list. That became eleven, then twelve, and we ended up with nineteen ways new users mess up when they start with social media. We actually had another but everyone does 19 lists and we wanted to be just a bit different. As Facebook and other social media outlets continue to change the rules you definitely want to make certain you do the right thing on each platform to reach the largest audience. We have all been in the beginning stages of social media marketing – even experts had no knowledge and grew over time. Over time we have seen some pretty horrific mistakes and these are what we are calling the top 19 social media mistakes any new user will make.
What is eCommerce?
 Feb 01
 Reading Time: 5 Minutes, 46 Seconds
What many don't realize is that eCommerce is and has been the fastest growing segment of our Valparaiso Indiana company for over three years. When you think of a web design and marketing company the thought of eCommerce doesn't seem to be the thought of many. What is more interesting for us is why it isn't. A good eCommerce site requires a beautiful design, software development to make it function the way you want, and a way to market it to the masses. Even those that come into our office for eCommerce don't fully know the core capabilities of what eCommerce provides to a business. They think Amazon, Shopify, or Etsy when it comes to online sales but selling is just a very small part of it. Let's take a look and discover what online sales are and why your business needs it.
Writing when you are not a writer
 Jan 31
 Reading Time: 4 Minutes, 42 Seconds
What readers don't realize is that when we write we are doing more than just writing. We are telling a story about a subject that we hold dear to our heart. The story that we are telling has a deep meaning to us that can be informative, educational, and sometimes even therapeutic. Sometimes when I write a story it is written for no one other than myself but more often it is for the audience to educate and inform. Today is one of those informing times where we look at the English teacher version of an article having a beginning, middle, and end.
Got Blog?
 Jan 30
 Reading Time: 4 Minutes, 50 Seconds
We have talked about the benefits of blogging but never truly covered why you really want to blog. Think of a blog as a short story that covers a core area of expertise you or your business is good at. You want people to learn from you, you want them to learn about what you offer, and you definitely want them to buy from you. If you run a small business you blog (or should) so that people can see you as an effective leader and expert. Sharing content shows you know the power of copy/paste. Writing shows the power of wanting to reach the masses, educate, and influence others. You blog as you want to improve the internet, the lives of your customers, and the lives of those that may one day be a customer (or at least more educated).
Agile Marketing
 Jan 29
 Reading Time: 4 Minutes, 23 Seconds
As software developers, we understand the importance of change and being agile. After all, software development is all about being agile. Technology changes at a pace that quickly overwhelms traditional marketing methods and why there has been a shift to being agile. No longer does traditional marketing work.
10 ways to write authenticate articles from the heart
 Jan 28
 Reading Time: 4 Minutes, 51 Seconds
It is any given Sunday morning with coffee, a warm fire, and quiet. Everyone is sleeping and my mind is focused on an upcoming day. I read the next blog topic on writing from your heart. I close my eyes and think for a brief moment on what to write and then like a crash of inspiration I think what better way to talk about writing from the heart then talking about how I write every blog article. In the past four months, many have noticed my writing style has changed. This wasn't by accident and is actually a thought process I put into every day. I have challenged myself to speak more from the heart, educate, inform, and share my love with the world.
What are backlinks?
 Jan 27
 Reading Time: 5 Minutes, 19 Seconds
When it comes to search engine optimization or SEO and you are talking about organic SEO every conversation will eventually cover backlinks and why you need them. Backlinks are a key way to organic search engine success but that doesn't mean they are a good thing. As with everything in life, there are good and bad when it comes to backlinks. backlinks are links from domains outside of your control that link back to one or more pages to your website. backlinks are also referred to as referring links or referring domains.
What is a domain registrar?
 Jan 26
 Reading Time: 2 Minutes, 11 Seconds
A domain registrar is whom you purchase your Internet domain name from. For example, purchased their domain name from a company called GoDaddy. They are not the only game in town. There are names like Network Solutions, 1&1 Internet, and Namecheap is just a few of the main players in the United States.
Why too many social media accounts are a bad thing
 Jan 25
 Reading Time: 4 Minutes, 23 Seconds
There has been a lot and even more speculation from the social media industry since Facebook announced less organic (e.g. free) reach between businesses and consumers online. This isn't the first time that Facebook has made a change to its algorithm to limit the amount of free exposure to push people to move to online advertising. Facebook is a great and central source that more than 2 billion people use. They are also a publicly traded company and are accountable to the investors of Facebook shares. Many are saying that now is the time to expand your reach and grow to other outlets, like Instagram (also owned by Facebook). So, what is a company to do, what is the right thing to do, and most importantly what is the wrong thing to do? Let's dig in and find out.
SEO and how it benefits your website
 Jan 24
 Reading Time: 5 Minutes, 25 Seconds
We talk about the benefits of SEO or search engine optimization with every project we work on. Whether it be a basic brochure site, a site designed for lead generation, a customer support site, or an eCommerce site. You can build the most beautiful site in the world. You can have the greatest content in the world. Only when you let people know it exists will they be able to find you.
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