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The team at JM2 Webdesigners & Marketing is solely focused on not only helping our clients but educating those on the Internet about the latest digital marketing methods on the Internet. Our team specializes in search engine optimization or SEO, customer service, business management, ways to optimize your digital marketing on social media and your website, and more.

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The Valpo Shirts Contest
 Jun 18
 Read Time: 2 Minutes, 39 Seconds
We are launching a apparel design contest. The design should fit onto a shirt or hoodie or another apparel item. It should scale and be visible at any size. Contest ends on 7/20 at 5 pm CST.
What is a CRM?
 Jun 09
 Read Time: 2 Minutes, 23 Seconds
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships, and interactions with customers, and potential customers.
Why a business needs reputation management
 Jun 07
 Read Time: 2 Minutes, 42 Seconds
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the reputation of a business is very important. As long as a business is having a good reputation among existing and potential customers, it would be able to do business peacefully. In today’s age of digital media, where just about anything goes, it is important for a business to know what their clients are saying about them. Depending on what customers say, a business should take steps or measures to protect their reputation with Reputation Management Systems. Reputation management is important for businesses that often obtain and manage their online reviews.
Yelp Pricing
 Jun 07
 Read Time: 2 Minutes, 27 Seconds
With every client we make live the Yelp marketing engine kicks off. They’re either contacting us or our clients who then refer Yelp to talk to us. It is this that makes us want to bring into light the costs and what you get for your money. This information will be constantly updated not only on price but the bullets of what you get (or not). Let’s dig into what Yelp is, what it offers, and most importantly how much it’s going to cost you.
Digital Marketing: We're not like the others..
 Jun 05
 Read Time: 2 Minutes, 37 Seconds
As a marketing business, it is our job to help small businesses excel, and gain positive clientele. The reason people choose us instead of other marketing businesses is because, we strive to make peoples lives easier.
Migrating To Mailgun
 Jun 04
 Read Time: 6 Minutes, 12 Seconds
Switching from Sendgrid to Mailgun was one of the hardest decisions to do but also one of the best decisions for not only ourselves but our clients. The prices are the same but that is where the similarities end. In this article I am going to list why we switched which is obviously going to be biased as we did switch and why we switched.
 Jun 03
 Read Time: 1 Minute
Whether you need to find an address, business hours, specials, reservations, or want answers to other FAQ’s, ManyChat is the way to go. Chatbots can be exactly what many businesses need. The only issue is that not a lot of people know what they are. The purpose of having a chatbot is to reduce human interaction when it is deemed unnecessary. A chatbot removes repetitive things and answers questions that don’t need a real person to give an answer to. This provides business owners more time to focus on other areas of management for their company while still providing answers to basic questions that their customers or clients may have. There is a difference between Chatbots and AI.
Why market in the good times?
 May 30
 Read Time: 3 Minutes, 7 Seconds
Many businesses don’t have much of a marketing platform because they think that since they are successful, they don’t need to market. That is actually not true. The best time to market your business is during busy times. The object is to keep business flowing. If your market yourself during busy times, there is good probability that it will produce constant customer flow. If you don’t market your company, you might get a period of time where business gets slow. This is normally the time when people think they should market, so they can bring in customers. However, if you market while you are experiencing good business, those customers will bring in other customers and it helps your business grow and profit.
What makes a good logo?
 May 29
 Read Time: 1 Minute
A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic and simple in form, and it conveys the owner's intended message. A logo should be able to be printed at any size and, in most cases, be effective without color. A great logo essentially boils down to two things: great concept and great execution.
Facebook Group Management
 May 24
 Read Time: 1 Minute
As Facebook makes its move toward groups having a higher presence we have upgraded our social media management to include a Facebook Group as part of our social experience. Facebook Groups though having high importance on Facebook is definitely not for all companies.
The New Reign Of Facebook Groups
 Apr 30
 Read Time: 2 Minutes, 59 Seconds
When it comes to taking on client needs social media, like the search engines, is constantly changing and evolving. These changes sometimes we love and sometimes we hate. This is one that we're kind of in the gray area. What does this mean for you on building engagement and brand awareness for your business? Glad you asked! There's a ton that this will do to actually help you grow your business, you will be able to build your brand awareness through your website and showcase your awesome company culture through the use of Facebook groups.
My Business Has NO Story!
 Apr 30
 Read Time: 5 Minutes, 45 Seconds
I constantly read from experts that get upset over the phrase “Content is King”. Is the phrase over used – yes, to a degree. That doesn’t make the phrase any less true. Your life and your business has a story and that story should be told. We remember stories not only because they are easier to remember than facts but because they resonate with us.
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