Your Economic Trade Interchange

Business YETI conceptualized as the Find Business Directory on 12/25/2015 and went into live production 7-days later on 1/1/2016. Find Business Directory was a way to compete against national business directories that charged money for what should have been free. For our upcoming second birthday we are moving to a .com address and changing the name to Business YETI.

YETI comes from a mythical creature that defies logic, people believes exist, and something no one ever sees. Like all things people have gotten complacent with items we use on a daily basis being overpriced and underdelivering in features. We believe in small businesses and what they do for our communities. We believe in having a free service that gives you access to everything you would want as a small business owner but also what a consumer would need to know to do business with.

If you want more exposure you can always choose to advertise but is never required. For our consumers from day one we have never asked for or required your information. The internet is about "browsing" and browsing doesn't mean you have to sell your soul to look. This is why we allow you to learn, contact, and be an educated consumer.










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